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Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

Your home's gutters help channel rain off of your roof to guard against water damage and they also divert flow away from your home's foundation to protect against erosion, making your gutters one of the most functionally proactive components of your home. That's why properly maintaining your gutters is vital to get the most out of your investment, because foundation repairs and roof replacement can quickly turn your dream home into a money pit.

Of course, you could DIY it, but for those of us who've left our roof dancing, ladder balancing, and gutter calisthenics days in the past, the best option for properly maintaining your home's gutters is gutter cleaning by a licensed pressure washing professional. Pressure washing pros distinguish between "gutter cleaning:" meaning the interior of the gutters for functionality; and "gutter brightening:" meaning the outsides of your gutters for aesthetics. Find a pressure washing team that offers "soft washing," which is less invasive and gentler than high psi pressure washing, but more importantly, find a professional pressure washing company you can trust to take great care of your property.

The best way to get your mind out of the gutter is to put gutter maintenance on autopilot: hire a pressure washing professional to clean and maintain them with an annually scheduled gutter cleaning and brightening.

Get your mind out of the gutter

You Don't Have To Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Completely If You Don't Want To!

If cold-turkey is asking too much, too soon, you can turn over your gutter worries to trusted pros like Jordan's Exterior Cleaning and still keep your mind somewhat in the gutter by regularly inspecting your gutters for damage, which is just as important as regularly cleaning them. Due to the harsh nature of the important function they perform, gutters are prone to wear and tear and nature's 24/7 assault that makes proactively addressing potential issues paramount.

It's also not uncommon, especially in harsher climates, for gutters to become damaged after heavy rains, strong winds, and snow. You can also inspect your gutters to ensure there are no holes or rust. If you notice anything wrong it's important that you take immediate action to ensure the safety of your roof. Or, you can find a pressure washing provider that you trust and let them handle all the worrying, take all the risks, and do the dirty work.

Get your mind out of the gutter

Why It's Important That Someone's Mind Is In Your Gutter

The most important thing to do to keep your gutters functioning properly is to clean them regularly. Leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris collect in your gutter over time and especially after storms and snow. A more humid climate intensifies this effect. If the build-up of debris is allowed to accumulate too much, water can back up onto the roof, and standing water is the last thing you want on your roof.

Plus, your gutters also function to divert rain falling from the edge of your roof away from your home's cement foundation. Over time that kind of erosion has been known to cause cracks in foundations and other very expensive structural problems. Gutters have a dual purpose to protect your home from top to bottom, and that's why it's important that they have regular competent maintenance and cleaning.

The best times to do these cleanings are in the spring and fall, but that doesn't mean you need to do them yourself when professional gutter cleaning is a service offered by many pressure washing companies at affordable prices. And the piece of mind that comes with turning over necessary but difficult maintenance tasks to a professional that you can trust can't be compared with the danger of doing nothing, or worse, doing it yourself without the proper tools and equipment. Let the pros do the dirty, dangerous work, start a regular maintenance plan, and get your mind out of the gutter and into something more fun.

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